Success Based on History

Larry Blaker, founder of Blaker Consulting, has spent over 25 years counseling and consulting in the Senior Industry. Backed by a rich history in managing and operating a variety of senior facilities, his company can offer the operational understanding needed for a successful business today. Known and highly regarded for his ethical approach to business, Blaker has also served seniors in both traditional and crisis times, through his background in Pastoral work.

Here are some examples of what others have to say about his uncompromising standards, his success in business and his dedication toward the betterment of quality in senior care:




‘It is such an honor and privilege to know that there is someone who cares to work with you, mentor you, solve problems, and knows solutions to help in the creation of an Adult Family Home..

We started at ground zero, and I attribute my success to Blaker Consulting and their staff as a result of their knowledge and integrity.

If someone is so lucky to know and work with Larry Blaker personally, they are blessed!”


Forever Grateful,

JoAnn and Bert Schenck


English Tudor View AFH

Mercer Island, WA



“Each time I work with Blaker Consulting LTD on a financing project over the past 10 years- whether for an Adult Family Home or a larger senior facility, Blaker Consulting is always up to the arduous task.


I am impressed with their commitment and knowledge of the industry, and they always prepare and mentor clients through the difficult financing process with precision.

Blaker Consultings’ understanding and financial analysis are some of the best I have ever worked with.

When Blaker Consulting is involved, the financing package is top notch! They are one of the best I have ever worked with in the senior housing industry.”


Jan Giunta

AXIA Financial

914 S Molalla Ave STE 103

Oregon City, OR





“Blaker Consulting LTD has been a significant new networking ally for our Agency.

The width and depth of Blaker Consulting in the senior housing industry results in ideas that flow from many different directions.

It is wonderful to work with Blaker Consulting LTD because they are solution oriented and they see service connections far beyond the immediate scope of work and are open to sharing those unconventional streams of thought”


Dan A Dahlberg- Principal

Rice Insurance LLC

Bellingham, WA


Roger Chamberlain- Principal

Rice Insurance LLC

Bellingham, WA



“Working in conjunction with Blaker Consulting has been the most rewarding experience! Blaker Consulting has given Adept Construction and Consultation LLC the opportunity to work closely with the senior housing industry by assisting potential adult family home owners to realize their dream of building a haven for those that are aging with grace. Thank you Blaker Consulting for making Adept Contraction and Consultation LLC a part of your team! Larry Blaker is the man with the master plan for your living situational needs.”


Constante V. Yanos Jr. Owner/President

Adept Construction and Consultation LLC




“Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Blaker Consulting on a number of related consulting and industry specific real estate projects in the senior care industry.

I have had found the knowledge of the marketplace, state regulations and guidelines, management, and operations experience an invaluable resource for me and my clients. I look forward to working with Blaker Consulting and his associates on any project- large or small, that we may endeavor to pursue.


Keith McKinney

Associate Broker and Commercial Director

Coldwell Banker Bain Associates

Mercer Island, Washington.




“We have the strong belief that Blaker Consulting LTD has a kind of genuine concern for the welfare of seniors which is more rare than common nowadays”.


Rev. John Osborne, Assistant to the President, Berea College






“I talked to Larry Blaker when I could see there could be an improvement in my mom’s care but I seemed helpless to get anything done about it. With his kind heart, his attentive ear, and a whole lot of knowledge, Larry helped me to understand   that my mom, and therefore I, had rights in the situation.

He knows so much about the law in the area of senior care that I knew right away what I had to do to get the situation cleared up. Since then, my mom isn’t going to the hospital all the time. Thank you Larry”!


Judith L Lewis D.O., Board Certified OMM/NMM



“The most important characteristic of Larry Blaker is his personality reflected in honesty, sincerity, good judgment, and commitment to people. In no instance were we ever disappointed.

We always knew the job would be done right, with an appropriateness and flexibility of judgment that was respectful of our wishes, but met with the circumstances at the moment”.

Harry Beskind M.D. P.A., Author







“I am pleased that I can enthusiastically, and without reservation, write of my admiration and confidence in Larry Blaker, personally and professionally, to anyone it may concern. I am proud to count Larry Blaker one of my dearest friends”


Bill Shadel Author, Former CBS Correspondent, Kennedy/Nixon Narrator

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